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5 ways to dispel the myth of ‘God-gifted talent’

We all have wondered at least once thinking about, how delicately Cristiano netted the balls! right? But often we end up describing his delicacy as God gifted as if it were a special power given only to Cristiano. Is it really so? The answer is straight NO. Because God has always been fair with his greatest creation. He has gifted us the same power that he has given to Cristiano. The fact is we are disdaining Cristiano’s endeavor that helps him make his power special. To become SOMEONE whether it is an actor, singer, creative genius, writer etc. you need relentlessness, perseverance and tremendous work-ethic.

A special power is nothing but a well-developed habit. Here are five things you should consider to dispel the idea of ‘god-gifted talent’ –

1. Discern your inner ability

From our childhood, we live in the fantasy that I will be a doctor or an engineer one day. Not saying it is impossible but barely realizing your inner ability don’t make such decision, otherwise, you might fall out of competition in the middle of your struggle. Hence, before it is too late, spend time to determine your inner strength, discern what you really enjoy doing and master the work. None but you can help yourself in this regard.

2. Keep your stand up against “But”

Thousands of “Buts” has encompassed our lives. e.g. I can wake up early in the morning, but I don’t have an alarm clock. Maybe you don’t know without an alarm clock Japanese can wake up exactly at the second they are intended to? They don’t need an alarm clock. So “but” is standing like a bar between you and your effort. All you need to do is, go beyond “but” and show your gut.

3. Say “No” to tomorrow

In Hindu Mythology there is an interesting story about Ravana (the king of the then Lanka). Once he promised his tenants that he will make a Milky Ocean to meet the demand of milk. A long time had passed but there were no signs of a milky ocean. Then whenever tenants asked Ravana when will you make it? “I will make it tomorrow”, Ravana answered. The irony is, that tomorrow never came and later Ravana was slain by Lord Ram. Likewise, if you leave your today’s little task to be done tomorrow, you will find heaps of tasks are piled up. And you will never be able to accomplish those tasks.
So forget tomorrow, do it right away.

4. Set goals write it down and plan for it

Once an interviewer asked Harvard’s graduates that if they have set clear, written goals for their future and made plans to accomplish them? Only 3% of them had done so and the rest had not. After ten years the interviewer found staggering result. The 3% who had clear, written goals were earning, on average, ten times as much as the other 97% combined together. The stats don’t lie, so the advice I have put forth to start this point is going to assist you in achieve your goal.

5. Consider the experience as the reward

People are likely to get a pat on his back. There’s nothing wrong with it until it becomes indispensable for you to take any action. Cause if it becomes so you might get frustrated which will stave you off taking any further action. Rather go for experience as it the only constant reward you are at least going to get out of your actions. And use this reward in your further actions properly that it makes your curved furrow a straight one.

Nothing is going to change overnight. With diligence, patience and by practicing you can defeat all your flabbiness and make your power so special that compel people to call it ‘God-gifted’.

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