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Four Strategies to Remain Positive As a Mother

David Bailey said, “A positive attitude can really make dreams come true – it did for me.” Indeed, staying positive can be a mouthful, especially because of the different challenges of motherhood. But that does not mean that it is impossible to attain. Optimism paves a lot of advantages. It helps mothers to grow and develop as they achieve their parental goals positively. It serves as a motivation to push yourself to learn, to adapt, and to cope with the challenges of motherhood. Most importantly, it helps prevent several physical and mental conditions such as depression, anxiety, and coronary disease.

One of the most common issues for a mother is post-natal depression. Biologically, it is caused by the surge of hormonal imbalance within the body. Emotionally, it can be caused by the sudden shift of attention from the mother to the child. Because of these abrupt changes, the mother tends to feel anxious and depressed which leads to dysfunction and de-motivation. This leads to detrimental effects on the newborn child. Apart from the hesitance to breastfeed, post-natal depression causes a slow recovery to the mother because of low appetite and insomnia. All these lead to negative thinking, stress, anxiety and depression.

To conquer a negative mindset, we need to foster a positive and stable mind. Positivity means being aware of the negativities but chooses to see the good things despite it. It starts with an optimistic outlook and ends with a constructive outcome. So, the question is, how to be positive as a mother? Here are four effective coping mechanisms and strategies to overcome stress and anxiety and incorporate positive thinking.


Strategy One: Healthy recovery

Healthy recovery means Healthy Holistic Lifestyle. It will take time for your hormones to get back to normal. One minute your Serotonin goes high, the second, it stoops low. To avoid feeling anxious and depressed, you need to embrace a healthy holistic lifestyle. You need to balance your emotional, mental and physical health. These will help your body recover from childbirth, and it helps normalize the hormones necessary for pleasure, happiness, and contentment.

Strategy Two: Mind-Body Exercise

Another way to alleviate the stress from post-natal depression is an exercise for the mind and body. Physical exercise does not have to be extraneous nor heavy. But before you engage in simple routines, consult your doctor about it. Meditation and Mindfulness can help improve your mental fitness Both physical and mental exercise helps boost the neurotransmitter called the Endorphins, or the “feel-good” hormone. It helps a great deal to avoid stress, depression, and anxiety of motherhood.

Strategy Three: Fostering a Positive mindset

The constant need to fulfil our obligations as a mother and the pressure of wondering if we are good enough can create a whirlpool negative emotional elevating our stress levels. Whenever you need to think negatively, stop yourself. Shift your attention mindfully. Accept, acknowledge and let go of the negative thought. Think about the stuff you are grateful for in your life. Better yet, give yourself a pep-talk. Why do you feel the need to think about it? Is there a rational reason why you are feeling that way? What is the likelihood of that ever happening to you? It can be very difficult to do this at first. But with time and practice, you will be on your merry way to positive thinking.

Strategy Four: Reaching out

Lastly, it is important to reach out for help. Do not allow negative thinking, stress or anxiety to take over you. Do not internalize your pains. Talk to your friends and your family. Always remember, no human being is an island. Do not be afraid to show what you feel. Let others help you with your problems. Do not carry your burden alone. Accept that it is okay to feel scared, sad or anxious sometimes. It is okay to feel defeat. But you need to realize that you have a support system to help you through everything. Do not discount the fact that you have friends and family or even better a professional Life Coach to talk to. You are not alone – you never were, and you never will be.



Uma Panch is a Motivational Speaker, Corporate Trainer, Transformation & Strategic Life & Business Coach, University Lecture and a business owner. She has positively disrupted the status quo and become a multi-award winner for her distinguished achievements. As the founder of iBeyondBliss Personal & Corporate Wellness, Uma Panch is arguably one of the most successful and empowered women in her generation. She is a visionary and change maker driven to positively impact the world. She is based in Sydney, Australia and travels around the world inspiring and motivating people.

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