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How to supercharge your confidence

Ok, so I am not trying to build a rocket here! What I am suggesting are simple steps to boost your confidence. Let’s put it this way – building confidence is like building your muscle. You have to practice regularly to grow it. And, yes – you are wrong – no one is born with confidence. Women in particular lack confidence due to myriad of social issues, e.g. stigma, discrimination, glass ceiling effect. Bangladeshi women although have advanced a long way from where they used to be only 10 years ago, but still there are ways that women can fast track their career by building more confidence. Confidence can be grown over time through nurturing various habits. Here are simple but profound habits that will transform yourself as an individual and finally supercharge your confidence.

  1. Start with a positive morning ritual – The first thing we start in the morning is by checking our phone and notifications. I know it sounds too un-tempting but you have to start your morning by watching or listening something positive, a video, an inspirational talk, a prayer, meditation whatever that is it but it will give you positive energy.
  2. Stop comparison with others – We are in the competition battle these days. We feel vulnerable and a sense of insecurity when we think that we have to race with others. Compete in a manner that will give you positive inducement but not negative feeling of deprivation.
  3. Groom yourself to your best – It doesn’t have to be expensive clothing but try to remain clean and proper according to the environmental setting. Needless to say, that when you are going to a professional environment, wear professional outfit. As they say- first impression, is the last impression. So, try to bring out the best version of yourself.
  4. Stop over thinking – Over thinking can kill us. We tend to become mentally paralysed when we droll over the same thing for a long time. If its crucial, then try to discuss with a family member or a friend. But do not let the bug of over thinking take over your mind.
  5. Learn something every day – Read blogs, articles, books or watch educational videos. Learn something every day. Every day would be a progressive realization to your dream if you have one. You can get closer to it slowly if you learn small habits which will only form the building block of your ultimate goal.
  6. Step out from your comfort zone – Simply step out from the soft cushony bed and face the hardships of life. Try not to avoid pain, sorrow or challenge – rather embrace them. Those are only meant to refine ourselves as a pure and resilient human being.
  7. Physical exercise – There is no alternative to physical exercise which circulates blood properly in your body and brain and eventually relaxes your nerves. A fit body can embed a fit mind. So regular exercise is a must. You may alter yoga, cardio, walking or any other type of physical movement that will make you sweat and burn some extra calories.
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