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How we work

Our model

We call our model E=C3

(yes, we are inspired by Einstein’s E=MC2).

Our mission is to Empower women. We believe that Connection and Communication can equip women with proper skill to Catalyse their own future which will mobilise the social progress.

We connect


Social media is power today. Leveraging the power of social media, we aim to connect all Bangladeshi women to build a peer-support network. Studies have shown that peer association is the greatest way to transform human behaviour. Exchanging knowledge and information can have far-reaching effect in the society. So, we inspire women to connect and build a support network which can alleviate many problems faced on daily basis. 

We communicate

We love storytelling. It is a great way to listen to lived experiences and distil insights from those have weathered challenges. So, we bring the stories from social influencers who had strived, struggled and finally succeed. Such stories can greatly inspire to transcend mental barriers that are blocking the progress of many women. We want to make inspiration viral…..

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We catalyse

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Women empowerment has been the most talked about topic, yet, the societies are still struggling to establish a society free of gender bias. Though Bangladesh claims to have achieved gender equality, in reality, the gap is wide. This is more prominent in education and employment, where females are suppressed greatly in comparison to the male counterpart. In 2015, Bangladesh was ranked 139 out of 187 countries on the Human Development Index and 47 out 144 countries surveyed on the Gender Inequality Index in 2017. Many of the inequalities are result of extreme poverty, discrimination, male domination in the society. We aspire to equip women with skills that will help them to build their career, step into higher education, build their entrepreneurial spirit and ultimately write their own stories.

Read our blog on regular basis where we share knowledge on various topics. Also, keep an eye on our upcoming projects which will help women to catalyse their future through education and mentoring support.

Join our cause

Let us work together to create an impact which will touch the lives of everyone in our society.