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Mental Health issues are no different than physical health issues. But, how much do we know about our mental health? What do we do to take care of our mental health? Check out some information to understand more about your mental health.

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With 7 years of experience, Saima Komor is a Professional Psychologist, Trainer and Psychodrama Practitioner who divides her time between professional psychological counselling, psychotherapy, psychodrama, psycho-social education and training.

Saima has BSc and MSc in Psychology. She also received training from different institutes (University of Dhaka, University of Rajshahi, BRAC, SAJIDA Foundation, PASILC). She has worked for different renowned organisations like SAJIDA Foundation, icddr,b, CIPRB etc. She has expertise on Empathy and Emotional Intelligence at Work, Effective Decision Making, Dealing with Mental Complexity and other programs in Psychological, Educational and Organisational fields.

Saima aspires to devote her knowledge and passion to improve the mental health sector in Bangladesh.