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Our people

Our people

The Dreamer

Passionate, imaginative, social and a self-proclaimed narcissist (healthy version of it)….. this is how Tajzi describes herself.

Despite being born and raised in a conservative society Tajzi was able to unearth herself into the modelling, fashion and beauty industry in Bangladesh which was only due to sheer passion and love towards self-expression, which she thinks as an essential trait for today’s woman.. After becoming one of the top 3 finalists in Lux Channel I superstar 2008, Tajzi appeared in the media briefly.

Tajzi believes that women should step forward and take charge of their own lives rather than being dictated by the societal norms. She sincerely believes that everyone one has potential to flourish and become a catalyst of social change. Proper guidance, love and inspiration can make all the difference. After becoming the mum of a beautiful princess, she further realised that ‘motherhood’ is a divine miracle, the most amazing experience in woman’s life which makes a woman only stronger. So she decided to use her positive energies and passion towards media to craft a platform that will help to empower all the Bangladeshi women.

The visionary

An avid idea tinkerer, grotesquely positive and life-long learner – Sayem is an academic, researcher and based in Australia. Sayem’s eternal thirst of knowledge and ‘values-based’ thinking, ushered him to do a PhD on social entrepreneurship from one of the top universities in Australia. During this journey, Sayem came into close interaction with some of the biggest social entrepreneurs of the world which profoundly inspired Sayem to create HotCubator, a social enterprise aiming to make an impact through education and collaboration. Consistent with its mission, HotCubator in it’s first year, supported several budding entrepreneurs and startups to champion award winning business models. Sayem also spent more than 7 years behind the lectern, in several countries including Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore to impart knowledge gained through previous industry experience in Marketing, PR and Business Development. His present gig includes – Project lead for a government department in Australia. His favourite pass-time activity is to write blogs and articles for reputed journals and magazines including – Entrepreneur, ThriveGlobal, HuffingtonPost.

Sayem also holds an award for ‘best dad’ given by princess Tanaaz.

Our experts

Uma Panchapakesan

Motivational Speaker | Coach | Award Winning Entrepreneur |

Saima Komor (Professional Psychologist, Trainer and Psychodrama Practitioner)

With 7 years of experience, Saima Komor is a Professional Psychologist, Trainer and Psychodrama Practitioner who divides her time between professional psychological counselling, psychotherapy, psychodrama, psycho-social education and training.</p> <p>Saima has BSc and MSc in Psychology. She also received training from different institutes (University of Dhaka, University of Rajshahi, BRAC, SAJIDA Foundation, PASILC). She has worked for different renowned organisations like SAJIDA Foundation, icddr,b, CIPRB etc. She has expertise on Empathy and Emotional Intelligence at Work, Effective Decision Making, Dealing with Mental Complexity and other programs in Psychological, Educational and Organisational fields.</p> <p>Saima aspires to devote her knowledge and passion to improve the mental health sector in Bangladesh.

Starmums is a powered by HotCubator, a social enterprise based in Australia. HotCubator’s mission is to amplify social impact through education, research and collaboration. Since its inception HotCubator has partnered with educational institutions offered tailored Entrepreneurship programs and helped to create business models championed by budding entrepreneurs.