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Farhana’s story – From USA

Mother’s love is universal and does not know any boundary. This is reflected in our readers who come from all over the world. Meet Farhana Tropa, former news presenter, a beautiful mum of two beautiful angels who now resides in USA. She is proud of being a mum and shares her thoughts with us –  

Motherhood to me –

Motherhood is a pride and it added a new chapter in my life. I cherish the moment when Allah gave me the opportunity to become a mother. No one in this world except a mother can understand how blissful it is. Beauty of motherhood has no bound and it holds countless happiness.

The first expression –

When I became a mum for the first time, I came to know that there is no word which can express the happiness of a mother. My child is the most precious gift from Allah and of course the most beautiful dream I ever had. Holding him was like holding the whole world. Each and every moment was full of surprises. Every little thing he did was giving me happiness. It feels like every day was a celebration. With his first step, with his first word, I have started my life again. Now I know for whom I am living.

The challenge –

Motherhood is not a very easy task…it’s tough…too tough! But this is the only toughest job which is known as the most prestigious and graceful job in this world. Motherhood is full of difficulties, fear, nervousness as well as love, blessings and excitement.

The inspiration –

With a little glance of my child I forget all my pains and the hard times I went through. Forgetting one’s own self for her child is the story of every mother. Sleepless nights, messy hair, stress marks, dark circles is the common things happen to every mum. A mother is the most emotional one as well as the strongest one for her child. Now I have my second baby and I become stronger as a mother to deal with all difficulties with a smile on my face. As a new mum I was too confused but now I know there is no one who can take care of my babies better than me.

My message to all mums-

To all mothers in this world I want to say that congratulations!!…You are doing an excellent job. Everything you are doing for your child should be appreciated. Nothing can be compared with the sacrifice you did for your child. May Allah bless you and your child with all happiness.

A little note to my babies—

Both of you are the most precious gift from God. I adore the moment when you call me your mamma. Thank you for holding my heart baby…thank you for being my child and complete me. Maa loves both of you a lot. May Allah bless you with good health, happiness and success in your life.
About Farhana Tropa

Farhana was a former news presenter at Asian TV. Now she resides at Houston, Texas in USA with her husband and two beautiful babies.
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