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Tajzi’s story – From Australia

There is a famous saying “Being a mother is learning about strength you didn’t know you had and dealing with fear you didn’t know existed”….this famous quote by Linda Wooten says all about motherhood! Motherhood rejuvenates you as a person..the universal feelings of motherhood is strange sometimes..simple but profound. I never knew that i would also be a part of this hardest journey or job some day! It is the most strange feeling i have ever had! The feelings that makes you the strongest and weak or most emotional at a same time.

I never knew that i would also be a part of this hardest journey or job some day!


Yes, this is a journey when you reintroduce yourself to your own body and mind with a bunch of new editions of emotions! The joy of an unpredictable change! You are happy even after having the unwanted stretch marks..the dark circles ..or the bizarre change of your body! You say ‘impossible’ to motherhood sometimes when you are exhausted but constantly trying to bring the best possible from it…it is a choice of living for another heart..it is a choice of living for all the worries of that heart …the choice of having the unknown and unexplained happiness ..motherhood can’t be emphasised in few words as there are thousands different words are related to this one word!



Author – Tajzi Hossain
Passionate, imaginative, social and a self-proclaimed narcissist (healthy version of it)….. this is how Tajzi describes herself. Despite being born and raised in a conservative society Tajzi was able to unearth herself into the modelling, fashion and beauty industry in Bangladesh which was only due to sheer passion and love towards self-expression, which she thinks as an essential trait for today’s woman.. After becoming one of the top 3 finalists in Lux Channel I superstar 2008, Tajzi appeared in the media briefly. These days Tajzi resides in Sydney, Australia with her husband and cute princess. She holds a Master’s in Economics and pursuing her second Masters degree from University of Technology Sydney. Tajzi is a qualified Beauty Consultant and worked for renowned brands like Estee Lauder and David Jones. 
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