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Tidy Up Your House Like Marie Kondo

Marie Kondo and her excellence to tidying up has taken the media by storm in recent times. Her simple, yet profound way to organise house has attracted millions of eyes, especially those who find it difficult to keep up things tidy due to work or large number of family members. I watched couple of her episodes in Netflix and immediately became her fan. For those who still don’t know who is Marie Kondo, here are some facts –

Marie Kondo is a Japanese organizing consultant and author who has written a book called The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing has been published in more than 30 countries and sold more than 4 million copies worldwide as the best-seller. Her popular method of tidying up has been patented as Konmari’ method and inspired millions of peoples around the world. Her recent show on Netflix has become one of the most watched shows. Here is a trailer to her Netflix show –


Marie Kondo’s method to tidying up a messy and cluttered house is exceedingly simple, yet they are so helpful. Here are Marie Kondo’s six rules for tidying up

  • Commit yourself to tidying up.
  • Imagine your ideal lifestyle.
  • Finish discarding first.
  • Tidy by category – not location.
  • Follow the right order.
  • Ask yourself if it sparks joy.

Watch the video on tidying up –


I found the Konmari method quite useful to declutter messy wardrobe and untidy house. Did I just share my secret..:)

Check it out by yourself if you have also find it difficult to declutter and organise your house. Find more about Marie Kondo in her website – https://konmari.com/

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