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Women’s Day Competition

International Women’s Day Competition- Uddipto Nari

Every year on 8 March, International Women’s Day is celebrated around the globe to respect and honour women and reaffirm that we live in an equitable society. This day also gives us an opportunity to commemorate the most inspiring women in the society for their remarkable contribution.

Our goal in Starmums is to find inspiring Bangladeshi women who have enlightened others and played a catalytic role in the society. As such we are pleased to announce a competition with the theme titled “Uddipto Nari”.


The competition –

Write a short story about an enlightened woman (Uddipto Nari) that you have met. Your story should highlight the following points –

  1. A brief introduction about this woman.
  2. How this woman has inspired you and possibly others?
  3. What impact this woman has made in the society?

Format of the competition –

  • The length of the story should be between 800-1000 words.
  • The story can be written either in Bengali or in English.
  • Any Bangladeshi male or female of any age group can participate in this competition. Overseas Bangladeshi nationals are also encouraged to apply.
  • The story must be written by one person. Co-authored story will not be accepted.
  • The winning story will be evaluated based on creative thinking, imagination and ability to articulate a compelling story.
  • The story and a photograph of “Uddipto Nari” must be submitted in the Starmums website.


Submission deadline:

  • 11.00PM, 15 April 2019.


  1. The best storytelling author will receive AUD $200 or equal amount in BDT.
  2. The best story/photo will be featured in Starmums website.
  3. The winner will be given opportunity to become a regular contributing author in Starmums website.

Submission link

  • A story submission link will be found in this same page before the deadline.


  • Send your queries to – thestarmums@gmail.com
  • The prize of this competition is sponsored by HotCubator
  • The detail of the judging panel will be shared prior to the closing of the competition.

Submit the following form if you want to participate in this competition.

  • Please note

    1. By clicking the submit button you agree to participate in this contest. 2. All of your information will be kept confidential and will not be used for advertising purposes. 3. Your identity will be verified before you take part into the contest.

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