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Deep inside our heart, we have a passion to do good for our society. So, if you share the same values to bring positive change in the society, then see if any of the following positions match with your profile.


Wellness Ambassador

Join Starmums team as a ‘Wellness Ambassador’ and be part of a mission to make a positive social change in society. As a Wellness Ambassador, you will be an enthusiastic soul willing to catalyse social change through contributing into a myraid of campaigns and programs aimed towards specific target groups. Being part of an exciting team, you will also get the opportunity to network and collaborate with top entrepreneurs and leaders from various sectors.  It is a rewarding position which will help you to learn, build networks and enhance entrepreneurial skill to fast track your career.

Position description:

  • Take part in Starmums social activities.
  • Get involved into various projects initiated by Starmums.
  • Actively engage and promote the social media platforms of Starmums.

Core competencies:

  • A bold personality with a can do attitude.
  • Excellent social and networking skill.
  • Enthusiastic, passionate and willing to make a change.
  • Proactive thinker.


  • Bachelor’s/Maser’s degree from any discipline.


  • No Experience required but prior work experience will be an added advantage.

How to apply:

  • Click into the below link and upload a current resume.


The position will be predominantly a volunteering position to equip fresh starters. There will be ad hoc remuneration for project based works depending on candidate’s suitability. The candidates will also receive invaluable advice and guidance to Higher Studies, Research and Career.

If you are keen and willing to learn more about this position, then send your query to thestarmums@gmail.com